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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an Minecraft Server for Free?

We offer Free Minecraft servers to all, as soon as a slot comes available you can grab one by going to "" then logging in with your Discord Account, and clicking "Redeem" on the page. You're asked a little bit of information like what Minecraft server, and servername and then your Minecraft server is done.

Remember to extend by pressing "EXTEND" every 2 days!

How many players can the Minecraft Server have?

There is no cap on your server, if you wanted you could have 200 people online and not have an issue. Although, you must remember that performance of your server does matter, as you're limited by RAM and CPU. Remember it is a free Minecraft server, which competitors charge large amounts for!

How do I obtain Discord Support?

**Support is not supplied by our staff team, and is provided by our Community** We offer free Discord Support, and we have many talented experienced Minecraft experts in our Discord Server waiting to help. Need help to fix your server, or speed it up? Join our Discord today and ask in the Community Channels.

Can I get more than 2 days extended time?

Currently you're limited to only be able to extend up to 2 days, we're looking at adding a credit system into the panel that allows you to purchase upgrades, and extentions for in real-life money. This also would help us supply these servers for free to hundreads of people.

Can I get more server performance?

You must remember, we're a free Minecraft server host, and Minecraft Servers are not a cheap service to run. For us to provide you free Minecraft servers we have to find money in other ways - ads for example. This is why you're currently limited on CPU and RAM usage, although our limits are not low so problems are unlikely when hosting the free Minecraft server.

How is this a completely free Minecraft server?

Servers are not cheap, they cost us an arm and a leg, although we look at returning some of that cost back with advertisements on our panel and website. If you're interested in purchasing an advertisement to get shown to over 20,000 viewers, contact our Support Team now.