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Informative Minecraft Blogs

Check out a few of our Minecraft blogs to get started

How to upload a ZIP folder to a Pterodactyl Panel

We will show you how to upload and extract ZIP folders to a Pterodactyl Panel.

How to extend your free Minecraft server

Show you how to extend your free Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers.

How to control your free Minecraft server

How to start, stop and restart your free Minecraft server on a Pterodactyl Panel.

How to create a SQL Database for your Minecraft Server

Show you how to create a free SQL Database on a Pterodactyl Panel, using our free Minecraft Servers.

How to setup GeyserMC on your Minecraft server

We will show you how to setup GeyserMC in order to link Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock edition.

How to add plugins to your Minecraft Java Server

Show you how to add plugins to one of our free Minecraft Java servers.

How to change your server's Java version

We will show you How to change your Minecraft server's Java version.

Add a custom domain to your Server (Cloudflare)

We will show you how to add a Custom SRV Record using Cloudflare to your Minecraft Server.

How to get credits and upgrade your Minecraft Server

We will show you how to get credits, and upgrade your server for cheap!

Top 10 Plugins ALL Minecraft Servers Need

This is a list of Minecraft plugins which are curicual to running a smooth Minecraft server. No longer what large servers - Hypixel, DreamSMP, LifeSteal - use as their backbone, we released the list right here.

Top 5 Ways to Grow a Minecraft Server | 2022 Edition

Stop the guessing of the best ways to currently grow your server. Instead, listen to the professionals who have found the top strategies used - whether free or paid, good or bad - to gain players on a consistent basis.

Top 5 Minecraft Server Gamemodes | 2022 Edition

No longer spend your time guessing what is the best gamemode(s) to have on your server for success. We present you with the top 5 gamemodes to jumpstart your server.