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We provide high quality, completely free Minecraft servers to everyone. We offer multiple games, and we provide these services for free, as we display ads on the site for you. These ads are used to help fund the cost of the dedicated servers. We also offer the ability to get upgrades, using Credits via the panel. This allows you to get more RAM, more CPU amongst other features to extend your server, and improve the overall service we provide. By default, you're provided with a high spec server, enough specifications to handle 5-10 people without complaint.

Dapper and Ardor are the creators, you may ask why we offer free servers, with very little in return and that's due to our kind nature. We feel it's fair to offer back to the community, and to give people who can't afford what we can access to free servers. We want to ensure the connection between you and your players continue, and we are here to support that.

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We do our best to be available as much as possible, but as you can imagine it's difficult when everthing is free. Though we don't provide free technical support, for any billing or hardware related issue we'll be right on it. For any concerns or enquries we suggest contacting us through the discord server:

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