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Completely Free Minecraft Hosting

Our hosting is completely free, and support all versions of Minecraft. Custom Plugins and all sorts.


Unlimited Players

We don't think you should be limited with slots, you can have as many slots as you would like.

Powerful Hardware

We feel Minecraft Servers should be free, which is why we use the same Dedicated Servers as 90% of other hosts on the paid market.

2.5GB RAM for Free!

By default, all servers are given 2.5GB ram, and run PurPur (jar). Feel free to add, and remove as much as you like!

Our Services

What we host

Minecraft Java Edition

Start your Minecraft Java experience, with access to custom plugins, jars ad all sorts to get started on your journey.

Minecraft PE Edition

We offer Java version, and we're working on adding PE Edition. You can host a PE Server for free with us in the future. Coming soon

Our Best

Some of our features

Awesome Control Panel

Running on the latest version of Pterodactyl, a powerful and industry standard Minecraft control panel.

Free Community Support

We have some of the smartest people in our Discord around Minecraft support, join our Discord for help today.

24/7 hosting

Our host is 24/7, meaning your servers won't turn off. (as long as you extend it every 2 days)

Power at your finger tips

Unlike other free hosts, and paid hosts we don't cram our nodes full until 100%, we leave them with a space to allow your server to grow.

Multiple Server Locations

Choose between Finland and Germany, soon to add more to the table. Choose when you redeem your server, on our server selector.

Ran by Ads

We are ran by Ads, meaning you will see some ads in your face on the panel, but nothing more than that. We believe you deserve the best.

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